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Don't Feel Boxed In With Container Arrangements

I love creating container arrangements. There are so many different foliage colors and textures to choose from. Contrasting colors and textures are a key component to making containers pop. Using foliage for color is much less maintenance than relying strictly on flowers. I especially like to use yellows and chartreuses to make everything else in the container stand out. In the containers I arranged for downtown Gilroy I used Lysimachia. Other really great, yellow foliage plants are Ipomoea, which also comes in purple and bronze. Huechera, which is found in green, maroon and yellow, is another great option. My new favorite, Coleus ‘Party-Time Lime’, is also a fabulous, new heat-tolerant varietal.

Plants in this container in downtown Gilroy are:

  1. Olea ‘Little Ollie’ - Dwarf Fruitless Olive by Monrovia Nice, gray foliage. Later this plant can be shaped into a unique topiary.

  2. Lysimachia nummularia – Goldilocks (aka Creeping Jenny.) by Proven Winners Yellow foliage makes everything else pop!

  3. Dianthus hybrid ( Fruit Punch® series) - 'Cherry Vanilla'by Proven Winners You probably know Dianthus best from its common name, Carnation….

  4. Verbena hybrid Superbena® series - Royale Red by Proven Winners These Verbena will just keep on blooming!

  5. Verbena hybrid Superbena® series - Coral Red by Proven Winners

  6. Lobelia Cobalt Blue The deep, rich blue can be seen from afar.

TIP for any container arrangements: Make sure the final level of the soil is an inch below the top of the container. This will allow water to stay in the pot instead of running off, taking fresh potting soil with it and making a mess!

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