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Water Management

Water conservation has taken on a new definition. Many agree that conserving water is a social responsibility and take pride in doing so. Now, water users have a financial benefit from conserving water as well. Landscape Services is actively applying new technologies, like subsurface irrigation and weather-based irrigation controllers to reduce water use from 25%-50%. They do so using a site-specific model to help cut water usage and costs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all method, they take advantage of site conditions, existing equipment, and local rebate programs to help minimize expenses and maximize water savings.


In addition to reducing water use and costs, there are many advantages that come along when using less water. Decrease in plant replacement, less asphalt degradation, reduced wear and tear on irrigation system and a drop in fertilization costs from reduced leaching.


Applying GB Landscape Services water management tools to your site will not only save you money, but will meet current state law, AB 1881, Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. 


GB Landscape Services principal Greg Bozzo is an irrigation professional certified by the California Landscape Contractors Association. He can help you implement water efficient technologies for your landscaping – both for your residential and your commercial properties. Evaluations are done at no cost. Contact GB Landscape Services today to set an appointment.

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